May 2, 2016
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May Matrices

May reminds me of my growing up in the forties and fifties in Ohio.  My grandmother’s acre lot was in full bloom with many species of flowers, trees of all sorts and various animals. In a word, “teeming” with life.  My home was next door in a half-acre lot.  On this lot was a basketball hoop (regulation height), horsehoe pits, wickets set up for croquet, net for badminton, bale of hay for archery (with a target to distract us from aiming at small furry animals,) and a rudimentary baseball diamond.  Sports also in full bloom.

During my childhood, life was mostly outside.  My three siblings and I played outside all day, coming inside only for lunch and the occasional bathroom “pit stop.”  By the end of the summer each year, I was well-tanned and almost brown with bleached hair from the chlorine in the public swimming pools.  There were fences between all of the yards in our neighborhood, but there also were gates or just openings in the fences for kids to walk through.  In the spring and summer, kids of all ages wandered from yard to yard looking for things to do.  Our array of possibilities in sports allowed any number of participants from one to whatever, so there were times of great activity, and downtimes when we had to occupy ourselves with alternative entertainments.  The hose was very popular at times.  Drinking, sprinkling vegetation (and sisters), chasing small furry animals, etc.  (this was not a good time to be a small furry animal)…

With no electronics, how did we ever survive?  Our imaginations, our competitive natures, and our love of the outdoors helped a lot.  We were social and gregarious to a point, but there were inevitable disagreements which led to pushing or shoving, but we always seemed to work things out.  Without adults intervening.  How did we do this?  How did things get worked out among kids running around loose all summer, left to themselves.  Did we turn into our version of “Animal Farm?” No… we used common sense for the most part.  Elementary reason.  And a lot of this developed as an adverse response to how we observed adults interacting badly and frequently.  In self-defense we developed ways to interact which were better than what we were surviving under adult supervision, by using “common sense.”

We didn’t need laws from some mysterious entity to tell us to work something out.  We needed something immediately. A resolution that worked for all who were involved.  And, of course, there were bullies!  This happened when someone, usually older, tried to take over and dictate to the rest of the smaller kids using force if necessary.  (sound familiar?)   In these cases, we needed someone even older who understood peacemaking and balance of power, etc.  (sound familiar?)  Still we worked things out without adult intervention. Usually…

Our varied sports also taught us rules and discipline.  Relationships taught us a give and take attitude.  A neighborhood with many varied ethnicities taught us respect for each other, and all of this was both personal and healthy.  All of this transferred to music.

I started as a beginning trombonist playing with small ensembles, then small bands, then marching bands and orchestras, and I found that my previous experience in playground relationships and sports discipline was invaluable.  Working together (group), controlled aggression (dynamics), standing up to bullies (trumpets & drums), following the director (rules), playing an instrument while marching in time to the music and making left or right turns (as a group), or countermarching (working as a unit), all came together and made sense.  So what does all of this illustrate?  E Pluribus Unum.  One (unit) from many (players).  We learned and we loved it.  And there were no laws that told us we had to do this “or else!”  This, my friends is democracy and freedom – in action! At the outset.  Discipline.

Contrast this with the way our present society is headed.  Our own personal circumstances.  Think about this.  Are we on the road to a “better place?”  Or “idiocracy?”  Are we approaching a real breakthrough in societal interaction?  Or a break-up?  Think about this…!

And when you have time to think about it in those rare quiet moments, go to the internet. Type in, and choose some tracks to listen to while you meditate.  Which illustrates (even though it is a commercial), that we can use music to improve our minds and our society.  Love the vibrations!  Love the rhythm!  And, above all, love “common sense!”

April 1, 2016
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April – Sentience & Rationale

It’s Spring!

Rebirth – animals, plants, things under the earth becoming conscious and experiencing consciousness for the first time. All that becomes living will have different lifespans, different timelines with which to do things within this conscious period. After which each, also at different times, will fade and die.  This is life.  The only one we know.

Spring –  the first of our seasons.  Growth, any growth, needs food and water in order to exist.  Continued growth needs continued sustenance. Some of earth’s life-forms are mobile and some are immobile – stuck to one place on the earth for their entire lifespan. Mobility, obviously, has nothing to do with consciousness.  But while conscious we make the best of whatever situation in which we find ourselves.  Our entropy seeks the light, upward mobility, anything to extend life and consciousness.  All life seeks its own survival whether mobile or immobile.

We as humans not only have consciousness, but sentience.  We also have mobility, the ability to reason and, of course, opposing thumbs.  We have a huge advantage over all other life.  Given these assets, we should exist in a veritable paradise, except for an additional factor in our consciousness – free will.

With consciousness, mobility, sentience (the ability to feel or perceive), rationality (the ability to think or reason), opposing thumbs and free will, we now have the ability to make choices, and the most basic choices involve good and evil.  When our reasoning first develops, we have the dawning ability to realize the difference between right and wrong.  Parents or mentors help to guide us in this.  Included is an innate ability to recognize that hurting someone or damaging something is wrong; that taking the possessions of others is wrong.  But we now begin to realize that we are able to make choices.  We can continue to do something even though there are consequences, or we can stop and change direction.  This development takes a different amount of time for each person.  Some of us “get it” very quickly and some struggle with this concept for their entire lifespan.  Each of us is given this gift of consciousness; few of us really appreciate it.  We have the unique ability to affect our environment and our fellow travelers in a constructive way.  Choice governs our lives and and with this choice, we experience a craving for the light or for the dark.

Our arts sometimes mirror this process and sometimes influence it.  Music consists of frequencies (vibrations that connect to feelings and emotions – sentience), and rhythm (regularity or organization which connect to reasoning – rationality).  It has played a part in the development of every society and civilization that has existed on the earth.  The creators of music throughout all ages have made a choice for light or darkness.  The listener also has had to make a choices for light or darkness, the lofty or the mundane.  Do we listen as food for our thoughts, organization of our emotions, or relaxation for our consciousness (more complicated patterns)?  Or do we listen to the more simplistic, primal rhythms and vibrations for our baser emotions?  We make these choices daily.  Music isn’t exactly brain food.  But it can be used as brain healing, a diversion from a complicated and stressful lifestyle, or to create an atmosphere either to support or deny reality.

Our listening should be discriminating.  It should also keep in mind our delicate consciousness, sentience, mobility, our ability to think and reason, and most of all – our expiration date!  Music is our ultimate connection to the universe.  The universe, whether macroscopically or microscopically is connected with waves and vibrations and pulses.  When present they are the essence of light.  When missing they are darkness.  While we may never harness the music of the spheres, we may eventually learn to appreciate its beauty.  All religions look forward to the light.  Music is our connection to life after we fade from this existence.  Let us listen intently each day of our lives. Let us appreciate this great gift that we have been given.  Let us choose the light –  in our lives and in our music!

March 2, 2016
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March of the Malleable Mind

During this month of March, within nine months of our next presidential election, we are experiencing fierce debates, rebuttals by candidates and the media (print, TV and online), with everything being geared to sway the minds of people to a certain way of thinking.  After being inundated with large amounts of this information, we the people then form our own opinions and then make comments in order to insert our own opinions into other minds. And so on, and so on…  The volume of additional information on a daily basis is also enormous and inescapable.  We are inundated with ads and sales offers, politics, deals, coupons, new products, food, drink, vacations opportunities, etc, etc.  We experience constant input constantly.  This same process happens daily and monthly from year to year, our minds expanding and contracting with the endless information that we absorb, process, and then either retain or trash. No area or subject is immune from this process.  All categories are presented and picked apart as our minds are touched by whatever means that we experience. Our malleable minds are constantly expanding and contracting.

In this process opinions are formed and reformed, then passed on verbally or electronically to other minds doing the same thing:  processing, absorbing, then reprocessing and passing on to or through someone else. Passing on is the end result of the expanding (filling) and contracting (releasing) of information in our malleable minds. Releasing (or emptying) is vital, though imperfect, as a means of keeping our sanity intact.  Because of this malleable mind, sanity itself becomes a relative term, not an absolute.  It is now a matter of degree, a shading of our mind’s inner compass or gyroscope.

We now exist with opinions based on other opinions and facts based on interpretations.  This tends to blur our inner selves (egos) to the point of floating back and forth on a sea of inner conversations:  our now malleable and unsettled mind.  Is sanity now, in any traditional sense, even possible?  Or are we all just floating on an informational ocean with no stability or port or dock, and constantly out of sight of land?   We all tend to look stable even though we are mentally riding the waves, bobbing up and down like corks in different ways, at different times and rates and degrees.  Is any sort of mental stability possible or even desirable since we don’t recognize the disconnect in ourselves or in anyone else? Is there anything that is grounded, that pervades our society, gives direction, provides hope, puts us in touch with our deepest thoughts and emotions to at least cause some degree of unity in our thoughts and feelings?

The only possibility I can see for such a solution is music.

Music transcends time and space.  It is our only source of pure organization, our one direct line to inner thought, emotion and peace.  Music can be our compass and our route to the grounding that is necessary for sanity.  Its electrical frequencies, real and imagined are our only source of release from the constant pounding of inescapable textual information.  In its pure form, music transcends language and opinions.  All musical instruments and voices become vibrations or frequencies that are directly in touch with our emotions and feelings containing cosmic organization that gives us clarity of thought and our only possibility of a mental peace.

Music is the antidote to disorganization.  Music is the healing balm for our deepest wounds.  Music is our only hope for sanity against a barrage of unwanted and unneeded informational data.   Music is the solution.  But… we must actually stop… and listen…really listen…!

February 4, 2016
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February Focus

I was born in a steel town in Ohio.  My grandparents and most of the townspeople in our area were immigrants from all over Europe, and many other places.  They all came for one reason – work.  Make money, get married, raise a family, drink beer on the weekends.  The latter wasn’t one of the best qualities of most of the men I knew, especially when they overdid it, but everyone most of the time got along.  I lived within walking distance of the steel mill, and so grew up with its constant sounds: trains – to & from the mill, the blast furnace, sirens, screechings & scrapings & bangings  – all very loud.  Within this area everyone lived side by side; caucasian, black, asian, european, slavic, etc.  You get the idea, a melting pot.  The town was a mix of everyone as were the schools & churches and everything else you can imagine.  I didn’t understand racism then and I don’t understand it now.

Racism is unnecessary.  It is the sign of a sick and out of control mind whether it is direct or in reverse.  It doesn’t make sense with people living together with the same objectives.   The difficulty is that people who possess these sick minds look like the rest of us, but they seem to be wired differently.  They see other people in a different way, an irrational way.  They should at least have to wear some visible warning label giving normal people a chance to avoid them.  And these people come in all shapes and sizes, ethnicities, religions, genders, and temperaments.  Unfortunately their negativity is sometimes magnetic.  They attract others who may be borderline, but now receive a nudge into darkness.

Where does the initial negativity come from?  How does it transfer to ethnicity?  How do we deal with it or even erase it?  If we think of it as a disease or a virus it is easier to imagine its origin and uncontrolled spread.  Parents and grandparents, cultures with their traditions, even churches can, even unknowingly initiate racism and hate in a much softer version.  Anyone within who feels marginalized or downtrodden or has been ridiculed or is just unhappy with another person or group of people can start this negative ball rolling. And once it is rolling, it is very hard to stop.  Once these hurts and slights take root in small-minded people, a self-serving agenda is formulated which caters to more and more of the same negative personalities and finally we have a full-fledged epidemic of hate which can be manifested as racism or hatred of the rich or the educated or intelligent, or anything other than the self.

How do we stop this cycle of hate or neutralize it or redirect it?  No one has found the answer yet.  And many have tried over many millennia.  The problem:  race-baiters and people-haters have found ways to make a decent living doing what they do.  In a litigious society all you have to do is point a finger or start a rumor.  True or false doesn’t matter.  Once the ball has started rolling, everyone else is on the defensive.  The more disruption, the better.  And the haters do not want anything to heal because they lose the opportunity for large amounts of income, hopefully with no end.  All of this is made easier in a politically correct society with a socialistic direction which makes it easy for parasites to exist.  The parasite uses blackmail & intimidation as easily as lying and cheating to work the system with impunity.

What can we do to begin a reversal of anything and everything that is based on hate?  There are some proven and time-tested techniques that can reverse negativity and hate.  But they seem so simple, even so simplistic that we lose heart and faith too quickly for the effects to be seen.  Just seeing things through someone else’s eyes for a change can do wonders.  Just listening to someone else’s viewpoint sometimes can cause a change of heart, just because you took the time to listen.  Choosing music that is not based on hate, but something or anything that is positive can begin a change.  Something very small and seemingly insignificant can start the ball rolling that can cause change, maybe not immediately, but a small change in direction that, as it grows, eventually is earthshaking.

Think of the great moments in our lives that involve large amounts of people, but without racism or hatred.  Music:  a great song, show, recording, performance.  Sports:  the winning point, teamwork, exceptional athleticism, or sportsmanship.  Film:  a great story, being moved from laughter to tears and back.  Exceptionalism in science, business, politics, law or government.  All of these in their pure forms are above negativity and racism.  Until there is perversion.  But, realizing that nothing is perfect, we can never stop caring and being vigilant.  And carrying with us at all times the antidote:  love.

January 1, 2016
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January Joie de Vivre

As usual, the first day and month of the new year bring on a new bout of philosophizing.  This is probably to avoid making firm New Year’s resolutions.  When I do this, I feel like I am sitting on top of a high precipice and gazing down first at the old year we have just left, and then looking ahead to the new year set to unfurl.  This is the time to learn from the mistakes of the past year and to try to eliminate them from the next twelve months.  In order to do this one’s concentration must be honed to a fine edge and be able to weed out all irrelevancy.  This provides a level playing field between the past year and the year to come.  Here are my thoughts:


I believe that most of us have been living in a world that worships make-believe and by doing so avoids reality.  This world tends to also avoid responsibility for its own actions.  Someone else is always to blame.  This world believes that we should be free to do whatever we please without consequences, and the inhabitants of this world don’t care who they hurt or who they cheat or who they best or who they beat.  In this world we are all insular beings built on ego first and conscience last.  I tend to feel the sting of the above, even if I am not totally  involved.  But, just reading a newspaper or watching any television news means that you are somewhat involved.  Just thinking of this should make anyone want to forget the past year and move on.  Hopefully to a much better place by not making the same mistakes over and over again. But we all deal with this day to day. It makes our lives difficult when they should be simple.  This world wants us as new inhabitants, and we make decisions daily to avoid it… “if” we remain thinking individuals with a conscience.  We can do this by re-booting or re-orienting our lives and thinking (deeply) on the first day and the first month of each new year.  We also need to establish or re-establish our “Credo,” our basic beliefs at this time.  Here are mine:


I believe that we are here on this earth to evolve, and that our sole purpose is to evolve.

I believe that we are here to make ourselves better, others better, and the world itself better.

I believe we are here to fix things, to cure and heal things, to discover things, and to discern the meanings of things.

I believe that furtherance is our task and “pushing the envelope” is our duty; growing is our need and drive; maturing is our destiny.

I believe that we have intelligence and logic and instinct; we have a choice between good and evil, and we have the means to know the difference.

I believe that our awareness (our soul, etc.), is meant to join with God when it is separated from our human body, and:

I believe that it is our job, even our mandate, to make all of this happen:

For:   We are the human race.  We come in all shapes, sizes, colors and temperaments, but we are all humans.  And we need to start acting like it.

Let’s all have a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!


December 1, 2015
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December Celebration

December is a holiday month.  Everything we do is pointed toward Christmas Eve and Day, and New Year’s Eve and Day.  Shopping for gifts, food, decorations, Christmas trees, spirits of all sorts, clothes for the winter weather, or at least a slight change of season, and all sorts of items for parties continues throughout the whole month.  Ideally this is all for relaxation and celebration, good times with friends and family, and welcoming in the New Year.  It would be nice if everyone everywhere was as light-hearted, but nothing on this earth is perfect.

All holidays, celebrations, sporting events and large gatherings of people for any reason are possible sites for terrorism at this time in our history.  There is a remote and underlying feeling that beauty and revelry can be turned in an instant into death and carnage.  World peace?  Not while there is an attitude of terrorism in sick and twisted minds among us.  And the obvious question becomes: How do we prevent evil things from happening anywhere?  And the only possible answer is: Security.  Security at all levels of our society .  Law enforcement becomes crucial from security guards to police to all types of military organizations.  Everyone craves safety and security, and usually this implies restrictions that we might resent in our daily lives and our travels to other cities, states and countries.  But these restrictions are the price for safety and security for our parents, our children, our friends and extended families, and our country in general.

When safety and security are assured, then good times, celebration, relaxation, peace and prosperity are all possible at any level of society and in any place on earth.  This is a discipline that we all must re-learn to bear from childhood through adulthood.  We are a people of laws.  We make the laws and then live with them.  Democracy and our republic demand that we participate in this continuous process and pass it on to our children.

Another of our disciplines is faith in a higher power, belief in God, unfettered worship as we choose.  Without this discipline our laws tend to weaken and crumble through lack of confidence in a being or an entity more powerful that we are, without whom there is no life anywhere.  When tenets of this freedom and discipline start to weaken and disappear we need to sound the alarm and push back.  In our form of government, apathy begins the process of handing over the keys to the kingdom.  And this thinking brings us back to Christmas!

Christmas is a time to push back.  It is a time of belief in a God greater than us.  A God who assures  us that when we pass away we can be confident that “away” is somewhere safe and secure, a place where we can celebrate and relax with music and the arts, and finally enjoy unfettered peace. An existence without qualifications. A place with the unlimited potential for our hopes and dreams.  All religions are similar in this faith, which means that there should really be no conflict in our individual views of eternity.

So, as we progress through this season of celebration, let us keep its reason for being in mind, and keep our faith alive in the spirit of Christmas and the coming New Year and in the music of our lives and our songs.  And may our assured safety and security provide the foundation for our faith and our beliefs. And may these all make possible the peace and prosperity that we who live on earth crave.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all of us!

November 2, 2015
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November Concepts

My memories of November are etched in my mind from childhood in Ohio.  They include tangible items with my associated feelings about them.  Trees (bare), leaves (fallen), weather (bleak), sky (dark), mood (somber), and colors (gray).  Quite an indictment of the month of November.  In my mind these represent a stark grounding and reality that sets up the light-hearted and fanciful holidays through December, and looks toward the coming New Year and a hard winter.  Anticipation. This is my concept, however narrow, of the month of November.

We are faced with many concepts in our daily lives.  Some we can comprehend and deal with , and some we deal with with absolutely no comprehension.  For example: a trillion, a terabyte, a light year, the universe, and, the Creator of our universe.  We use these terms daily, but the actual concepts are too immense to really understand, or even to comprehend.

We handle electricity everyday, but do we understand it?  We listen to organized sound (music) everyday, but don’t really understand the infinite variety of vibrations per second (pitch or frequency), width and depth of dynamic range (loud & soft), or the cosmic connection of rhythm (regularity of pulse).  We think we have control because we manage these things daily.  But if the regularity of anything in the micro or macro range changes, we are only caught up in its vortex, but definitely are not in control.  We can only hope to manage, not control.  Weather encircles the earth.  It consists of wind, rain, snow, fog and variations in humidity, and we depend and deal with its effects.  But we don’t control it or even manage it.  The earth’s crust which we exist upon daily is subject to the shifting of its tectonic plates over vast periods of geological time.  We neither control nor manage any part of this process.  We barely understand the laws of nature, physics, chemistry, and science in general.  We use the principles, but we manage them, not control them.  We manage some of what we comprehend, and when more is revealed to us, we manage that, but again, without control.

It seems like we know just enough that we can either damage ourselves or keep moving toward some measure of control.  Historically, the problem with moving ahead has always been ultimate control by weak minds that can’t comprehend the micro and the macro as we know it, but just want control for its own sake.  It is in this situation that everyone suffers.  We need a new “Age of Enlightenment,” an attempt to comprehend the incomprehensible.  Now we only exist by the illusion of control.  We need to increase our in-depth and far-reaching knowledge to gain some measure of actual control.

Music and the arts illustrate this attempt to make tangible the “intangible,” by controlling only what we can comprehend. The fine arts are the arts of “fine tuning.”  The ultimate existence of humanity will depend on our ability to gain control of that which we don’t now understand.  So when you listen to music of all types, think of the micro and the macro and stretch a little farther each time into the depth of vibrations, volume and pulse. The human race may depend on this for its very survival!

October 1, 2015
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October Moments

Fall, Autumn, is my most favorite season.  I especially like the changing of the colors of the leaves as they mature.  The myriads of colors from individual trees contrasting and blending in areas of the country where this regularly happens are beautiful, inspiring and awesome.  Wouldn’t it be much the same if people changed colors with their individual seasons as they grew and matured?  Wouldn’t it be a beautiful, inspiring and awesome sight?  And if everyone were doing this, then wouldn’t a lingering problem that we still experience disappear?  Racism based on skin color would be meaningless.  Everyone would be beautiful, especially when contrasting and blending together just like trees, only constantly moving, unlike trees. We find this kind of blending in music and various forms of art: painting and sculpture, and even some forms of dance.  Thinking beyond our normal parameters into speculation and “what if.”  So, hold that thought!

Creativity is a lot like the above.  It is a constantly moving, ever changing, individual view of any particular subject.  It resides in all aspects of our lives from cooking and other seemingly mundane jobs to science and math and quantum physics.  All of our minds are wired for it, but it becomes dormant if not recognized or used in some way.  Creativity is the force that has shaped our world from the earliest human footprint,   and creativity will take us to the stars and into the still hidden layers of the atom.  But we must embrace it.

There are times in music, science and everyday living that we experience moments of true  and total clarity.  A rush of inspiration.  The uncluttered answer to a problem.  Usually these moments are brought on by periods of feeding pertinent information, sometimes to the point of saturation, and sometimes over a very long period of time in the elusive search.  If or when the answer appears, it is usually a “golden” moment, a moment to be savored and cherished, for these moments are very infrequent.  And things in our lives then move forward another increment.  Progress is either made, or the foundation is laid.  And we move on.  Hold that thought!

The month of October is also reserved for all of us to remember to respect life.  All life.  This is not an easy concept, and does take some thought to understand what we live with and in every day of our lives.  In our busy, hectic and cluttered lives, this is not easy.  Finding time to really think about anything is also not easy.  But when we do, this is another “golden moment.”  And we should enjoy the moment itself and even the process itself that allows us to experience such a magical or spiritual event.  So here’s a toast to those “golden moments.”  They lie nestled in amongst the myriads of colors of the changing leaves in our lives.  The search is on! The game is afoot!  Happy harvest!

September 1, 2015
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September Streams

Our entire culture is experiencing, either individually or in various groups and in one form or another, a loss of faith..  This is manifested in ways that have started small and have grown larger in many different aspects of our culture. When faith starts to erode, the foundations in every part of our lives start to become shaky.  Ultimately there is nothing stable and we become fair game for the next easy fix, the next fad, food, religion, cult or any organization that promotes with an easy appeal.  The PC movement is trashing our cultural symbols, icons, slogans, conservative thinking and anything that doesn’t say equality, sameness, and the lowest common denominator.  There must be no anger.  We must love everyone and everything no matter what the circumstances. There must be no extreme highs or extreme lows; no white or black, just the mid-range rainbow of the spectrum. Due to this thinking and pressure, we will become merely cogs in the wheels of society.  No rich or poor.  The rich will fund the poor (and become middle class), and the poor will take the dole (and become middle class).  This equality will cause everyone to become happy and content with their lot in life.  Until the money runs out.  At that point everyone is in trouble.

We prevent the above situation by education, awareness and unwillingness to swallow everything whole.  In other words, by thinking about the ramifications and consequences of the many ideas presented daily to us by the media.  Let’s look at some of the consequences of our creeping loss of faith.  Then think about prevention and reversal.

Loss of faith in God means that you no longer have any hope, that this one life is all you have.  Then there is nothing.  This is why some members of our younger generation have been able to kill large numbers of people.  They have no conscience because there is no cosmic penalty, no cause and effect. They just give life their best shot, then they are gone.  Without a moral compass, the future effects of this are impossible to predict.  But the end result with no change doesn’t look good.

Loss of faith in country is the swiftest route to socialism in its worst form.  A younger generation who doesn’t care what happens will let the strongest, richest, most charismatic politician take over.  All he or she must do is to make appealing promises to large groups of  people which will make their already meaningless lives even easier.  This is being done more and more frequently.  Patriotism becomes just a father figure who provides necessities and asks nothing in return.  There is no longer any “quid pro quo.”  No “come to the aid of your country.”

Loss of faith in self means that one becomes literally selfless and unable to think critically or make meaningful decisions or creatively “think out of the box.”  Dependency is the norm. Neither yourself or anyone around you can be permitted to “rock the boat.”  Questioning authority  could result in a loss of the status quo which could cause a disaster.  Again, there can be no “cause and effect,” only stasis.

Loss of faith in children means a disconnect with education at all levels.  The children of the younger generation no longer have parents, they have guardians.  Parental discipline is almost forbidden by the parents themselves and by any figure of authority.  If the parent doesn’t allow discipline, then no one can.  School rules are thought of as restrictive and destructive as are the law enforcement of city, state, and nation.  “No one touches my child.” Result:  No cause and effect and no discipline. And very little actual learning or education.

We are experiencing the above in many ways.  And these attitudes are fiercely protected by “political correctness.” a nameless, faceless entity who uses intimidation and blackmail along with the court system of judges and lawyers to silence any non-participants with the threat of ruination by loss of their livelihoods, jobs, families and even their opinions until loss of faith in “anything” is the result.

Is there a solution that we can even talk about?  Are there enough people left with faith who are willing to stand up, state a position and face the consequences?  Faith means that we believe that there are, that we have hope, and that we trust that the younger generation will wake up and, using the “common sense” left over in small areas and groups of people, take control of their own individual minds.

AND, we need to demand music, both instrumental and vocal that expresses the above. Positive, uplifting, inspiring, spiritual songs and pieces that help us to think of our God, our country, ourselves and our children.  Our art doesn’t have to just reflect the seamy side of life. It can also help lead us to a better place in out thinking and even renew our faith.  Let’s look for some new and exciting songs…!

August 3, 2015
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August Augmentations


There are two processes that could help solve a great many of the problems we experience everywhere on earth if we can expend the time, money, and creative thought processes to make them practical and available cheaply to all countries:  Desalination and efficiently recycled waste.

Desalination:  All countries on every continent would benefit from pure water for drinking and cooking, agriculture and for solving basic problems of drought and desert conditions wherever they occur.  With this solution everyone, everywhere benefits,  from the rich to the poor. All would benefit economically and culturally with the advantages of plentiful crops, the beauty of plants, trees and flowers, and even ponds and lakes, both natural and artificial.  Water is essential to life, but with climate change occurring throughout the history of the earth, there are times when rainfall and snowfall just don’t fall where they are desperately needed.  However, with three-fourths of the earth’s surface covered with water, there is no reason to have to depend on rainfall or snowpack.  Technologically advanced peoples are capable of learning how to remove salt and other impurities from sea water to make it useable.  But this must first become a priority.

Recycling waste efficiently:  Throughout the history of the earth, humans have deposited their waste back into the earth and its lakes and streams.  This works, but it takes a very long time for the earth itself to accomplish the recycling process.  We technologically advanced peoples with our advanced creative abilities on the other hand should be able to accomplish this in a comparatively short time.  By reducing our waste products to a basic state that can be used again in many areas, it could become the fundamental for new plastics, metals, ceramics, etc, that would make it possible to make new building materials  for housing, new and more efficient machines, and cheaper and more efficient clothing.  All of these would become easier once again to recycle.  This would lessen the need to use natural materials and help to preserve the environment, and this should give nature the opportunity again to replenish and grow naturally.  The jobs that this would open would then be in completely new areas which could grow into new ways of producing materials for space travel, lighter and stronger building materials for space, and new possibilities for society’s needs in vehicles, clothing, food, water and medicines.   And, as new sources of power and drive are discovered, this in turn could facilitate cheaper and more ubiquitous space travel.  The probability then increases of reaching distant planets and galaxies where these same techniques for recycling would apply.

Socially, when everyone has enough to eat and is satisfied, territorial tensions of all sorts tend to decrease.  When you have enough, then the desire to take someone else’s (the grass is always greener tendency) decreases.  War just might become obsolete or at least no longer viable.  At this point a sort of calm could ensue.  Mind altering drugs for escape should no longer be as necessary, at least to the extent and for the reasons we now experience.  Peace of a sort may just be within reach.  (Maybe not perfectly for we are still human).  But in this way, science, religion and free creative thinking could all coexist.  The arts could once again bloom and flower.  And all of this could conceivably occur because of two processes:  desalination and efficient waste recycling.  Is this even possible?  Everything starts as just an idea…

Musically, we are increasingly dealing with recycled notes, forms and patterns.   There is very little that is new or innovative.  Creatively we are stuck in a system that is hundreds of years old.  Long, long ago only melody was necessary to express the ideas of the time.  This lasted through the ancient Greeks and Romans.  At some point 4ths and 5ths became consonant and relaxing to the ear.  Then there was a gradual change to the consonance of 3rds and 6ths which has continued through the present day.  Though there was a brief trial of the 12 tone system, it was still part of the scale system we still use. As with desalination and efficient recycling, the problem we deal with musically is how to get to the next stage of development.  How do we build upon the accomplishments of preceding generations?  It is never easy, but it happens.  The organization of sound, the sounds themselves and the use of language and the human voice will all be recycled into something new that will satisfy the new needs of those humans living on this and other planets.  The possibilities are endless.  There are no limits, only creativity.  Thoughts precede realization.  Think about it…